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 Brockton native Shay Gibbons, 30 is providing an outlet for underserved youth in the local kingston-area community with the help of tried and- true fitness routines essential to the “sweet science” – boxing at Beast Control Academy. When it comes down to it, everyone has a “Beast” inside of them that’s waiting to be unleashed – yet the key to using it for benevolent purposes is to control it. However, this is easier said than done for some, especially those who may be headed down the wrong path.

For years, shay has found a way to use his inner “Beast” for good, following an incident in which he discovered he had a gift. Back in his hometown, shay was able to stop two rival gangs in his neighborhood from resorting to violence by mediating the situation and convincing the groups to shake hands. Through that impactful moment, as well as many other experiences in his lifetime has left him determined to help the local youth on a larger scale. He opened beast control in taunton at the start of 2018 as the first boxing gym in the world to be located in an indoor shopping mall.

Beast Control Academy is now located at Kingston Collection, and Shay has already garnered a local following in the area. At BCA’s new location, the gym has hosted kids from a local low-income development in order to provide a safe place for exercise and activities.

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